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PHOTOCOPIABLE © 2011 Pearson ELT MESSENGERQuick Tes 5 Vocabulary 1 Wpisz brakujàce litery w nazwach osób wyst∂pujàcych przed publicznoÊcià. 1 He’s a great c e and makes everybody laugh. 2 The children loved the l w at the circus. 3 The m g pulled a rabbit out of a hat. 4 The j l was amazing – he kept ten balls in the air. 5 He’s an a c in that TV drama series. 6 The d c wore beautiful pink dresses and ballet shoes. 7 I want to be a pop s g . 8 The s y t opened the book and began to read. 9 He’s not moving at all. He’s a h n s t . 10 She’s a y m and she won a medal in the Olympics. / 10 2 Uzupełnij zdania słowami z ramki. Niektóre słowa mogà byç u˝yte wi∂cej ni˝ raz. down  into  on  together 1 Don’t stand on the table! Get right now! 2 We got with our friends for dinner. 3 I don’t get with my sister. 4 The dog got the car with us. 5 His money goes a special bank account. / 5 Grammar 3 ZakreÊl właÊciwe słowo. At my new school everyone 1has to / can wear a uniform. It’s not very modern and we look horrible in it. But on Fridays we 2can’t / don’t have to wear the uniform and 3can / have to wear our own clothes if we prefer. Of course, everyone wears their own clothes on Fridays! There are lots of other rules as well. You 4don’t have to / can’t run in the corridors and you 5can / have to get up when a teacher comes into the room. We 6can’t / don’t have to eat food in our classrooms, but we 7can’t / can eat it out in the school hall or the playground. We 8 can / have to be in school by eight o’clock every morning and if we are late we 9can / have to explain to the class why. We 10can’t / can play football on the field outside if we want to, but we 11can / have to wear our sports shoes to go on the grass. We 12can / have to be back in the classroom at half past one for afternoon lessons. After school we 13can / have to do different activities if we like. We 14can’t / don’t have to do these activities, but it’s great fun and all my friends do them. / 14 PHOTOCOPIABLE © 2011 Pearson ELT Quick Tes 5 Sentence Builder 4 Uzupełnij zdania przyimkami z ramki. about  at  for  from  to 1 What is he listening ? 2 What are they laughing ? 3 What are you talking ? 4 Who are you waiting ? 5 What are we looking ? 6 Where do you come ? / 6 Exam Expressions 5 Połàcz połówki zdaƒ. 1 Why don’t 2 Shall we 3 Let’s 4 Would you like 5 What about a) to come to our party? b) writing the invitations now? c) we go to the cinema tonight? d) arrange a party for Rosetta’s birthday. e) do our homework together tonight? / 5 TOTAL / 40

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