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Module Tes PHOTOCOPIABLE_ © Pearson Central Europe Sp. z o.o. 2012 Student A1 Vocabulary 1 Complete the sentences with the words in the box. There is one extra word. blog body face to face instant  landline postal sign signals texting 1 Native Americans used to communicate using smoke . 2 I prefer to speaking to people on my phone – it’s cheaper. 3 I like to be able to see someone because language is a very important communication tool. 4 He writes a(n) every day about his work at the radio station. 5 These days the service is very slow compared to emailing. 6 I prefer conversations to talking on the phone. 7 I use my for long phone calls because it costs too much on my mobile. 8 Deaf people can use language to communicate. / 8 2 Complete the sentences with the opposite of the adjectives in brackets. 1 Mobile phones are very (rare) these days. Everyone has them. 2 She’s very (careful) with her things and is always losing them. 3 Eating junk food is very (healthy). 4 The technology is quite (simple) and I don’t understand it. 5 He’s a very (patient) person and hates it when people are late. 6 I’m a(n) (shy) person and love being with my friends. 7 The material is very (weak). It won’t break. 8 This MP3 player is (useful) – the sound is so quiet that I can’t hear the music. / 8 3 Read the sentences. Choose the best answer (A, B or C). 1 I’ve set my own webpage – it looks great. A out B off C up 2 We want to check that new sports club next week. A up B over C out 3 She enjoys joining chatroom conversations. A  in to B  in with C  in for 4 We need to find more information before we say anything. A out B about C with 5 My mother can’t keep with all the new technology. A on B  in C up / 5 Grammar 4 Complete the text with the verbs in the Present Simple, Present Continuous or Present Perfect. Jennifer comes from the United States, but now she 1 (live) in Uganda, where she 2 (work) on a project to save rhinos. She 3 (be) there for nearly a year. Unfortunately, the rhino 4 (be) now very rare in Uganda. The team Jennifer 5 (work) with at the moment 6 (recently/bring) six white rhinos to the area. They hope that these rhinos will survive and help to increase the number of animals in the country. Jennifer’s days are very busy. She 7 (begin) by checking the GPS tracking devices which are fixed around the animals’ necks to see where they are. She then gets into her jeep and 8 (drive) out to find them. She 9 (spend) the rest of the day watching the rhinos. She 10 (already/ follow) them over a large area of the special park where they live and she hopes that her research will help in her team’s efforts to save the rhino from total extinction. / 10 Module 1 Test A PHOTOCOPIABLE© Pearson Central Europe Sp. z o.o. 2012 5 Complete the text with for or since. Donald has loved basketball ever 1 he was a small child. He has been in the school basketball team 2 five years and has been captain 3 April this year. The team hasn’t lost a match 4 ages and now they’re the best in the region. Next week they’re going to the regional competition which the team has won every year 5 the competition started in 2008. They expect to bring home the cup once again. / 5 6 Write sentences. Use the Present Simple, Present Continuous or Present Perfect. 1 you / ever / write / an email in English? 2 how often / you / phone / your grandparents? 3 what / you / look at? 4 how long / you / be / awake? 5 you / use / Facebook / every day? 6 you / see / the final Harry Potter film? /6 Communication 7 Choose the correct words. Peter Can we finish our science project tonight, Daniel? Daniel I 1can’t / don’t think we’ve got enough time, have we? Peter We’ve only got to write the last part. 2Won’t / Don’t you think 3it / so? Daniel I know, but I 4don’t finish / haven’t finished all the research I wanted to do. Peter 5If you / You can ask me, we don’t need to do any more. We’ve got all we need already. Daniel Yes, but I wanted to add something extra. We want to get a good mark, don’t we? The teacher said we’d get better marks for good research. Peter 6It’s good / That’s true, but we really haven’t got the time for that. We have to give our project to the teacher tomorrow morning. Let’s use what we’ve got. If we’re late, we’ll lose marks, too. I think we should finish it tonight. Don’t you agree? Daniel Yes, 7definitely / already. Peter And we can do more research on our next project. Daniel Yes, I agree 8to / with you. Let’s start writing. / 8 TOTAL / 50

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