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Module Tes PHOTOCOPIABLE_ © Pearson Central Europe Sp. z o.o. 2012 Student A3 Vocabulary 1 Complete the sentences with one word from each box. carbon fossil global greenhouse organic renewable solar wind energy (x2) farms footprint fuel gases vegetables warming 1 We have to be aware of our these days, because all the energy we use damages the environment. 2 Countries should be using more because we’re running out of traditional forms of energy. 3 Petrol is an example of a(n) . 4 I’m hoping to use in my new house, but I don’t think it will be much use as we get very little sun. 5 Stephen only eats – he won’t buy anything which has been grown with chemicals. 6 Everyone seems to be talking about these days. Is the weather really getting hotter? 7 We should reduce the amount of we send into the atmosphere. 8 produce electricity using the power of the air without causing pollution. / 8 2 Complete the words related to the environment. 1 D is a huge problem in South American. Most of the Amazon basin has no trees. 2 There were terrible f last week as the country saw its heaviest rain in ten years. 3 I’m hoping to buy a h car next year so I don’t have to use so much petrol. 4 There has been no rain this year and there’s a severe d in the north of the country. 5 We should all try to buy more e - f cleaning products. 6 I don’t like the e -s   light bulbs – they don’t seem to give out enough light. 7 The p in some cities is so bad that many people have breathing problems. 8 We r all our plastic, metal and paper. / 8 3 Read the sentences. Choose the best answer (A, B or C). 1 The Everglades National Park provides a unique for a variety of species. A landscape B space C habitat 2 In the Perito Moreno National Park there are forests and amazing waterfalls. A thick B strong C loud 3 The waterfall made a noise as it thundered to the ground 100 metres below. A deathly B deadening C deafening 4 There are many animals to see in this beautiful National Park. A exotic B foreign C extinct 5 The Everglades is a huge and is home to many species of aquatic wildlife. A canyon B swamp C glacier 6 We love taking our dog for walks through the . A forest B waterfall C lake 7 These fish don’t live in the sea – they only live in lakes. A saltwater B freshwater C unique 8 The view from the top of the mountain was ! A magnificent B deafening C natural / 8 Grammar 4 Complete the dialogue with the verbs in the Present Perfect Simple or Present Perfect Continuous. Andy Hi, Sarah. 1 (you/ finish) the poster for our school recycling campaign yet? PHOTOCOPIABLE© Pearson Central Europe Sp. z o.o. 2012 Module 3 Test A 5 This is the first time I’ve visited the Victoria Falls National Park.  never I the Victoria Falls National Park before. 6 When did you start recycling glass and plastic? been How long glass and plastic? / 6 Communication 6 Complete the dialogue with the words in the box. don’t fancy idea let’s make  rather right see shall sounds Jackie Hi Tony. It’s Jackie here. We need to discuss the Save the Rainforest project. Tony Why 1 we meet up somewhere? Jackie That’s a good 2 . Where do you suggest? Tony 3 go the sports club. We can use the computers there. Jackie I’d 4 use the ones in the library. They’re much better. And we’d have access to the books we need as well. Tony Okay, that 5 great. Perhaps we can have coffee somewhere afterwards. Jackie And then you can come back to my house for dinner if you like. Tony Sorry, I can’t 6 it tonight. I’m going to the cinema with my sister. Do you 7 joining us? Jackie Brilliant! Okay, what time 8 we meet at the library? Tony Is four o’clock okay? Jackie That’s fine. 9 you at four then. Tony 10 . Bye for now. / 10 TOTAL / 50 Sarah Not quite. I 2 (work) on it since early this morning and it’s nearly finished. What do you think? Andy It’s great. 3 (you/include) all the information we agreed on? Sarah Yes, but I 4 (not put) all the photos in. There wasn’t enough space. Andy Yes, I see. It would be very crowded if you used them all. Sarah And what 5 (you/do) all day? Andy I 6 (make) phone calls all day and I managed to get several local shopkeepers involved. Sarah Excellent. And 7 (you/contact) the local council? Andy Yes, and they 8 (agree) to give us some leaflets and send someone to talk to the students. And I think I 9 (persuade) the local TV company to interview us. Sarah Well, we certainly 10 (not waste) our time today. / 10 5 Rewrite the sentences so that the second sentence has the same meaning as the first. Use the word given. 1 Although she was tired, she went out with her friends.  despite , she went out with her friends. 2 I started work at six o’clock this morning and I’m still working.  been I six o’clock this morning. 3 Dan doesn’t like tomatoes, but he grows lots of them in his greenhouse.  although tomatoes, he grows lots of them in his greenhouse. 4 Although it’...

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