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Instruction First of all some hints about the pronounciation: a is spoken like a in far, e like a in ale, i like e in me or if short like i in binn, u like oo in roof, ä like a in man, ö like u in curser, ü like y in nymph, ß like s in bus, sch is spoken like sh. The vowel before a double consonant (mm, nn, etc.) and in front of ck is generally spoken short. On the front page you find the most frequent used terms, translations of places to go, numbers and time phrases. On the back page are phrases that cover the most common situations. To give you a faster orientation each section of phrases starts with an icon: at a bar / in a nightclub having a flirt on the phone in the taxi at a travel agency at the hairdresser € in a shop at the doctor / dentist In the sentences you'll find some alternatives in brackets. With the front and the back page you should be able to come along in Germany, Austria and the German speaking regions in Switzerland, Belgium and northern Italy. But anyway, in a conversation you might like to say something which you can't find in the phrases. For that there is a dictionary part on the inside page. The dictionary is structured by type of word, e.g. pronouns, verbs, adjectives, nouns and all other words in the section 'Misc' (i.e. miscellane­ ous). For the each noun is also writen the definite article (engl. the; germ. der, die, das). If you want to say something with the indefinite article (engl. a, an), you have to exchange 'der' or 'das' for 'ein' and 'die' for 'eine'. And now just a warning for the end: Be careful with the numbers from 21 to 99, they are used in German in a reversed way: Take a look at the front page, there you find twenty-one = ein-und-zwanzig which literary means one-and-twenty. It works the same way with the other numbers, e.g. sixty-two = zwei-und-sechzig (lit. two-and-sixty). So, be careful, especially if somebody tells you a price. Pocket Talk – Phrases – ©2008 Timo Keil Media www.keil-media.eu No liability! Please note that you use this dictionary on your own risk. The dictionary is carefully checked, but anyway there can still be some mistakes or wrong translations in the dictionary. Pocket Talk English – German Dictionary www.pocket-talk.org FINNISH • GERMAN • LITHUANIAN • POLISH & more languages coming soon! Yes Ja No Nein Maybe Vielleicht Thank you! Danke! Sorry! Entschuldigung! Hello! Hallo! Good Morning! Guten Morgen! Good afternoon! Guten Tag! Good evening! Guten Abend! Good Bye! Auf Wiedersehen! Where is...? Wo ist...? shopping center das airport der Flughafen atm der Geldautomat bank die Bank beauty salon das Kosmetikstudio bookstore die Buchhandlung box office die Kasse bus station der ZOB bus stop die Bushaltestelle café das Café castle das Schloss, die Burg church die Kirche cinema das Kino dentist der Zahnarzt d.i.y. der Baumarkt doctor der Arzt garage die Autowerkstatt gas station die Tankstelle hairdresser der Friseur hospital das Krankenhaus hotel das Hotel internet café das Internetcafé jeweller der Juwelier kiosk der Kiosk laundry die Wäscherei market der Markt museum das Museum night club die Discothek optician der Optiker parfumery die Parfümerie payphone die Telefonzelle pharmacy die Apotheke post office das Postamt pub die Kneipe railway station der Bahnhof record store der Plattenladen restaurant das Restaurant shop das Geschäft Einkaufszentrum sport studio das Fitnesscenter super market der Supermarkt swimming pool das Schwimmbad tailor die Schneiderei theater das Theater travel agency das Reisebüro tv tower der Fernsehturm university die Universität – directions – here hier there dort left links rigth rechts north nord south süd east ost west west straight geradeaus How much does it cost? Wieviel kostet das? 0 zero null 1 one eins 2 two zwei 3 three drei 4 four vier 5 five fünf 6 six sechs 7 seven sieben 8 eight acht 9 nine neun 10 ten zehn 11 eleven elf 12 twelve zwölf 13 thirteen dreizehn 14 fourteen vierzehn 20 twenty zwanzig 21 twenty-one ein-und-zwanzig 30 thirty dreißig 100 hundred hundert 1000 thousand tausend When? Wann? yesterday gestern today heute tomorrow morgen day after tomorrow übermorgen morning der Morgen afternoon Nachmittag evening der Abend night die Nacht day der Tag year Jahr month Monat week Woche January Januar February Februar March März April April May Mai June Juni July Juli August August September September October Oktober November November December Dezember monday Montag tuesday Dienstag wednesday Mittwoch thursday Donnerstag friday Freitag saturday Samstag sunday Sonntag weekend Wochenende spring Frühling summer Sommer autum Herbst winter Winter X-mas Weihnachten New Years Eve Silvester New Year Neujahr Eastern Ostern I need a taxi in the Danziger Str. 42. Ich benötige ein Taxi in die Danziger Straße Nummer zwei-und-vierzig. Where do you want to go? Wohin wollen Sie fahren? To the airport! Zum Flughafen! Please turn the meter on! Bitte schalten Sie das Taxameter ein. How much is the entrance fee? Wievie...

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