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Chocolate truffle necklace You will need these STAEDTLER articles: • 1 block each of FIMO classic in the colours white (8000-0), golden yellow (8000-15) and chocolate (8000-77) • and the FIMO accessories acrylic roller (8700 05) or clay machine (8713), bead piercing needles (8712 20) You will also require: • smooth work surface (glass or ceramic) • nutmeg grater • aluminium truffle moulds • brown leather or cotton cord • chain clasp (optional) more creative tips at Hmmm, they look good enough to eat! Fancy, exquisite-looking chocolate creations – for putting round your neck? Yes, that’s right! But the good thing about these chocolates is that, because they’re made out of FIMO classic, they won’t melt or smear. Nevertheless, the coconut balls, nougat strips etc. look like they‘ve just come out of a box. Make lasting replicas of your favourite truffles – there‘s nothing sinful about this feast and it makes a great present too! Step 1 Knead one strip of white, half a strip of chocolate and a quarter of a strip of golden yellow together. To do so, repeatedly roll out to a long string, fold up again and twist. Continue doing this until you are left with a uniform- coloured clay which looks like milk chocolate. Step 3 For the coconut flakes, make a sausage out of one strip of white FIMO and harden it. Once cool, make small flakes by grating the FIMO sausage using the nutmeg grater. Step 2 Using this mixed clay, make balls approx. 2-3 cm in diameter and then carefully flatten them to give them a truffle shape. Roll a small piece of chocolate to a long, thin string. Use it to decorate the light-brown truffles however you like. Step 4 For each coconut truffle, make a ball out of half a strip of chocolate and then roll it in the white flakes until it is covered in them. more creative tips at Step 7 Now bake all of the truffles in the oven for 30 minutes at 110°C to harden.After cooling, carefully remove the FIMO from the aluminium moulds. String the truffles onto the necklace in whatever order you like. TIP: To keep the truffles in place on the necklace, make knots in the cord directly before and behind each one. Step 5 Now, using the clay machine or acrylic roller, roll out a 3-4 mm thick sheet of white FIMO. Cut out a circle the same size as the base of the alumi- nium mould and a strip to match the height. Place the circle on the base and cover the inside wall of the mould with the strip. Cut as precisely as possible and take care that the FIMO does not overlap. Using a needle, press grooves into the white strip around the sides. more creative tips at Step 6 Place different already made truffles in the FIMO-lined moulds and make holes straight through the chocolates and their aluminium casings. Leave some of the truffles without a case and make holes through these ones too. Also ensure that the holes are large enough for the string or cord to fit through later.

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