Sten Mk III Magazine Well Lips

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How to Form the Mag Well Lips Here is some very cool info about how one guy tackled the problem of how to form the mag well flanges or lips (I like those body part names) on the STEN Mark III receiver without deforming the roundness of the tube. I picked up these pics on the web at the survival site . The author says you have to enlarge the ejection port a little to allow the male forming die to be able to go through to the other side when forming the mag well lips. Credit goes to a real Connecticut Yankee (from Texas) who only goes by the name "Justice P. Ironwulf! My hat goes off to you, Justice Ironwulf! Anyone wishing to contact him may do so at: July 2002 UPDATE: It seems that Ironwulf was caught manufacturing illegal machine guns by Federal ATF agents and is now enjoying life at Club Fed. Be warned...... The basic die setup for forming the mag well lips Notice the space to allow the mag lips to pass between the die pieces Shows the male die completely passed through The mag lips are now formed at this stage Showing two halves of the female die with screws Female die must be formed in two halves in order to release pressure after forming mag well lips A real down home Yankee design die press Love the rusty old hydraulic jack...Really adds character! Author says you really need a 12 ton jack Shows the mag well lips formed and ready to finish Just about ready to weld on the prepared mag well assembly now. Just need to dress down the lips. The Freedom Shoppe * New Milford * CT * 06776

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