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FFP Checklist Scan Thors (UK) Limited 35a Keighley Road Silsden, West Yorks, BD2 0EB Tel: 01535 656002 Fax: 01535 654825 Document Page no Date 2 3 awaited n/a n/a black plastic 4 Care label 5 Care leaflet 6 Team Passed to Approved by 19.03.09 19.03.09 19.03.09 19.03.09 19.03.09 19.03.09 19.03.09 19.03.09 Additional comments / Amendments made Fabric FR from supplier Scan-Thor Fabric FR Foot details Photos of pieces Scan-Thor UK - Design Scan-Thor UK - Sales Manufacturer Scan-Thor UK - Quality FREE FOR PRODUCTION - MariaSpecification sheet completed Designer sketch Fabric specification Subject to your approval of the information in the attached documents, this model will be cleared for Pre-Production 19/03/2009 Shop Direct Maria.xls Montrose is pillow back but dimesnions are the same MODEL: Maria CUSTOMER: Shop Direct PHOTO: OVERALL DIMENSIONS(CMS) DIMENSION SKETCH Length Depth Height 4Str 3Str 207 99 93 3 Str Sofabed deluxe 207 99 93 2Str 175 99 93 Chair 100 99 93 Stool Small 65 65 47 Stool Large NUMBER OF CUSHIONS Back (hbk/pbk) Seat Arm Scatter (hbk only) 4Str 3Str (4/2) 2 2 3 Str Sofabed (4/2) 2 2 2Str (3/2) 2 2 Chair 1 1 1 FABRICS Name Colours Composition Care Label No A K5255 J6270A Chateaux jacquard Duck egg, Natural, Champagne, Dark choc, Campari 100% cotton Attached B C D FABRIC COVERAGE Carcass Seat Cushion Back Cushion1 Back Cushion 2 Arm Cushion Scatter/ Bolster Front Back/Side Top Underside Front Reverse Front Reverse Front Reverse Front Reverse A X X X X X X X X B C D GENERAL INFORMATION Carcass E1 chipboard and solid wood frame Springing 3.5mmdia Zig Zag Fibre seat cushions Robinsons fibre Back Cushions 100% Polyester Fibre filling. ‘T’/’High Back’ cushions are pocketed to prevent filling migration Scatter cushions 100% Polyester Fibre Filling. Loose Cover models Fitted with Schedule 3 Interliner Back Panel Pre shrunk slotted hardboard to prevent “booming” noise Feet Black plastic foot – not seen Anti Stain Protection No Care leaflet Loose cover version Sofabed to be offered in deluxe only FR traceability label to be the long version, not the short version 100% cotton Clean regularly using the soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Small stains may be removed by dabbing with a moist clean cloth (some local loss of colour may be experienced). To maintain uniformity of colour, all items should be washed at the same time. Do not use washing powders containing optical brighteners as they can affect the colour Wash dark colours separately. Dry on a flat surface. We recommend ironing on the reverse side. Cushions should be plumped regularly to maintain their appearance. (See care booklet for more information) Materials INFORMATION ABOUT THIS UPHOLSTERY This is furniture produced to the highest European standards and only materials of the highest quality have been used in its construction.Solid wood framing, tempered steel springs and high resilient foams with polyester fibres, will with care and attention from you, give many years of service. Care & Maintenance • Upholstery should be regularly vacuum-cleaned using the soft brush attachment and lightly brushed to remove surface dirt and dust. • Stains should be removed immediately USING WATER ONLY. DO NOT RUB the fabric, but gently dab it with an absorbent cloth. • Back & seat cushions should be ,,plumped” up and turned daily to even out the fabric wear. • Care should be taken that furniture is not exposed to direct or strong sunlight which will accelerate fabric fading. Either protect by drawing curtains to prevent exposure or move the furniture regularly to even out exposure. • Prevent children or animals from climbing or jumping on the furniture. Sharp buckles, claws, toys etc, can easily snag and produce tears & cuts in the fabric. Premature wear, if not frame failure, may also result from people sitting on, or applying unnecessary pressure to arms, edges of cushions, etc. Cleaning & washing • When washing, use only proprietary soaping agents (Lux flakes, Dreft etc.). Under no circumstances use optical brighteners. • Ensure that the maximum water temperature NEVER EXCEEDS 40 DEGREES and use a wool wash setting. • A short wash, followed by a cold rinse and short spin or natural drying is recommended. • All cushions and covers should be washed at the same time to avoid future shade variations. •There will almost certainly be some colour loss on initial washing. This is quite normal. • Provided the care label attached to the fabric indicates that you can, these covers may be dry cleaned using the ,,P” symbol. Ironing, where recommend on the care label, should preferably be done on the inside of the material This short guide is intended to assist in the initial purchase of your upholstery and in ensuring that you derive maximum pleasure & satisfaction from its use thereafter Please take the utmost care of your upholstery, and note that the manufacturer accepts no responsibility for actions taken which do not conform to ...


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