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Opublikowany 2016-10-02 14:45:00 R38 Tax Claim National Insurance number S G 8 9 9 0 1 5 D Please use this reference if you write or call. It will help to avoid delay. Claim Reference U R 1 2 0 2 0 7 9 HMR&C: Please quote NI number and claim reference in electronic payment references. URGENT – UNIFORM TAX REBATE PAYE - CUSTOMER OPERATIONS PO BOX 1970 LIVERPOOL L75 1WX Name of claimant MR ROBERT MARIUSZ SADKOWSKI Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to claim tax relief on the expenses of my employment as detailed below. I am required to wear a uniform or protective clothing at work and my employer provides no facility or allowance for the laundry of this workwear. I would like to claim this relief at highest available rate of either those in EIM32485, the nationally agreed rates in Section 367 ITEPA 2003 as per EIM32712, or any locally agreed rates that may have been agreed for my job. Please check the EBS Employer Record in employer notes to determine if a locally agreed allowance is in place. The details of my employment and the years claimed for are as follows: Job title: LABOURERS Employer: INDRUSTIAL TEMPS Tax years applicable to claim: 2008/09 , 2009/10 , 2010/11 , 2011/12 I authorise Uniform Tax Rebate (Online Tax Rebates Ltd) to be nominee for the amount due. I would like HMR&C to inform me directly of the outcome of my claim whether successful or not. Any requests for further information should be made directly of me (the claimant). My telephone number is 07856181775. Uniform Tax Rebate (Online Tax Rebates) need only be informed of the value of any rebate due in respect of successful claims. I would like any annual allowance to be reflected in my future tax codes so that I continue to receive the benefit of this tax relief. Yours faithfully Flat rate expense for laundry / maintenance of protective clothing / tools under EIM32485 or EIM32712 Section 367 ITEPA 2003 Industry Occupation Type Deduction Building Labourers and navvies. £60.00 Costs incurred wholly and exclusively for the purposes of your employment and not reimbursed by your employer. Enter "£" amounts in the boxes, where applicable. Tax year to 5 April 2012 (£) 2011 (£) 2010 (£) 2009 (£) Police federation fees Visas (airline crew) Vaccinations (airline crew) MR ROBERT MARIUSZ SADKOWSKI R38 IMS 07/05 Date received by HM Revenue & Customs Employment History Job Title Employer Start Date (month & year) End Date (month & year) Details of Claimant MR ROBERT MARIUSZ SADKOWSKIFull name 98 Olympia DriveAddress Belfast County Antrim BT12 6NHPostcode Claim I claim repayment of the amount overpaid by me, (for non SA claims the period or year ended must be entered in the box aside). 05/04/2012 I authorise nominee/agent (delete as appropriate)* Uniform Tax Rebate of (full address) PO Box 6759 Walsall WS9 1DQ to receive on my behalf the amount due. Claim reference (HMRC: Please quote on all payments) UR1202079 NI Number (HMRC: Please quote on all payments) SG899015D Claimant's signature Date 22/04/2012SIGN HERE Signing the above signifies agreement to all of the disclosures made in these forms, to Uniform Tax Rebate's Terms and Conditions and payment instructions as discussed above.

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