Language and Skills Test 1A

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& 30Language and Skills Test 1A Units 1&2 PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Education Limited 2010 Name: ....................................................................................................................................................... Vocabulary Grammar 1 Complete the expressions with the verbs below. There is one verb you don’t need. wear go beat lose get make score fail 0 ________ a uniform 1 ________ a decision 2 ________ a match 3 ________ the sack 4 ________ a goal 5 ________ running 6 ________ an exam 2 Replace the underlined words. 0 My son’s education is free – he goes to a private school. ________ 1 To be successful in life, first I need to make good qualifications. ________ 2 You don’t have to take this course – it’s compulsory. ________ 3 First we need to win two other teams to win the championship. ________ 4 I go to a mixed school – it’s only for girls. ________ 5 I don’t understand a word of it! It doesn’t do sense. ________ 3 Rewrite the sentences using the words in bold. Do not change the meaning of the original sentences. 0 I can’t see why people collect stamps. point _______________________________________ 1 Fiona doesn’t like cooking. into _______________________________________ 2 My father hates getting up early. stand _______________________________________ 3 For me opera is very interesting. find _______________________________________ 4 Combine the two sentences. Leave out the relative pronoun where possible. 0 This is the street. My little brother got lost here. _______________________________________ _______________________________________ 1 That film was absolutely brilliant. You recommended it. _______________________________________ 2 I met a man. His wife teaches English in China. _______________________________________ /3 /5 /3 3 The girl has left the party early. She goes to the same school as Jane. _______________________________________ 4 Can you pass me the book? It’s lying on the table. _______________________________________ 5 Write positive, negative or interrogative sentences. Use the present simple, present continuous, present perfect or past simple. 0 Sandra/ever/be/to San Francisco (?) _______________________________________ 1 I/meet/Ron for lunch/next Tuesday (✔) _______________________________________ 2 We/win a basketball competition/in 2008 (✔) _______________________________________ 3 You/do the washing-up/yet (✗) _______________________________________ 4 The price of petrol/go up/all the time/at the moment (✔) _______________________________________ 5 This soup/taste/quite right (✗) _______________________________________ 6 You/know/our teacher’s email address (?) _______________________________________ 7 I/never/really like my birthday/when I was young (✔) _______________________________________ 6 Choose the best word a, b or c to complete the text. Have you 0 ___ taken part in a sports competition? I have. I 1 ___ enjoy team sports so last year I 2 ___ to enter a basketball competition. There were three other boys on my team: my best friend Mark, Tom and a boy 3 ___ father works in the same office as my mother. Out of the four of us, only Mark is a really good player but we are all very passionate 4 ___ basketball. We 5 ___ best to prepare for the competition. And guess what? We 6 ___ ! 0 a never b ever c just 1 a much b very c quite 2 a decided b decide c have decided 3 a whose b who c which 4 a of b into c about 5 a trained the b did our c worked very 6 a have won b won c win /4 /7 /3 wear ✓ I can’t see the point of collecting stamps. This is the street where my little brother got lost. Has Sandra ever been to San Francisco? state M02_RL-TES_PINGLB_7204.indd 30 3/6/10 09:49:04 31 languageandskillstest1aUnits1&2 © Pearson Education Limited 2010 PHOTOCOPIABLE Reading 7 Read the text about the Sports Personality of the Year Awards. Tick (✔) true and cross (✗) false or write ? (no information). 1 The Sports Personality of the Year Award is similar to other awards for sports. 2 Ordinary people choose the Sports Personality of the Year. 3 Jessica Ennis is famous all over the world. 4 Ryan Giggs has played for many different English football clubs. 5 Giggs has got a lot of medals. 6 Giggs does not want to play for Manchester United after next year. 7 Tom Daley didn’t win an award. 8 Eddie Izzard likes running marathons. Sports Personality of the Year Awards The Sports Personality of the Year is a British award that is given every year. It’s an unusual sports award because it is not just about being good at sport. Of course, it’s important to win competitions, but to win this award stars need to do more than that – they need to contribute to sport and be popular with the public. For this award, ordinary British people vote for their favourite sports stars. This year, over half a million people voted and footballer Ryan Giggs won the award with almost 30% of the votes. Racing champion Jenson Button was second with 19% of the votes, followed cl...

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