Language and Skills Test 1B

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& 32Language and Skills Test 1B Units 1&2 PHOTOCOPIABLE © Pearson Education Limited 2010 Vocabulary Grammar 1 Complete the expressions with the verbs below. There is one verb you don’t need. wear score get beat solve enter revise do 0 ________ a uniform 1 ________ a competition 2 ________ the other team 3 ________ for an exam 4 ________ your best 5 ________ a pay rise 6 ________ a problem 2 Replace the underlined words. 0 My son’s education is free – he goes to a private school. ________ 1 Did you make a good mark in your Maths test? ________ 2 I hope our team doesn’t fail the next match. ________ 3 It’s quite a small school – we’ve got only 200 subjects. ________ 4 I’m afraid everybody has to come to the meeting – it’s optional. ________ 5 To achieve what you want, you need to make yourself clear goals. ________ 3 Rewrite the sentences using the words in bold. Do not change the meaning of the original sentences. 0 I can’t see why people collect stamps. point ______________________________________ 1 Tim thinks classical music is OK. mind ______________________________________ 2 I love playing rugby. passionate ______________________________________ 3 My brother loves windsurfing. into ______________________________________ 4 Combine the two sentences. Leave out the relative pronoun where possible. 0 This is the street. My little brother got lost here. ______________________________________ ______________________________________ 1 Can you bring me the school bag? It’s in Tina’s bedroom. ______________________________________ 2 A boy wants to go out with my sister. He studies law. ______________________________________ /3 /5 /3 3 This house belonged to a woman. Her children emigrated to Australia. ______________________________________ 4 The hotel was very cheap. I found it on the internet. ______________________________________ 5 Write positive, negative or interrogative sentences. Use the present simple, present continuous, present perfect or past simple. 0 Sandra/ever/be/to San Francisco (?) ______________________________________ 1 My brother/eat a lot of vegetables/when he was a child (✔) ______________________________________ 2 I/just/finish/my homework (✔) ______________________________________ 3 Simon/often/leave home before 7 a.m. (?) ______________________________________ 4 Ian and Renata/meet/in Rome/three years ago (✔) ______________________________________ 5 She/seem/very happy/these days (✗) ______________________________________ 6 You/do/anything interesting/tomorrow (?) ______________________________________ 7 They/serve hot lunches/at the moment (✗) ______________________________________ 6 Choose the best word a, b or c to complete the text. Have you 0 ___ taken part in a sports competition? I haven’t but I 1 ___ I’d like to one day. I like most kinds of sport except for football and basketball. In fact, I 2 ___ all team sports really boring. Running and swimming are different. I 3 ___ running almost every day and swimming twice a week. I 4 ___ doing it regularly two months ago and for me it’s the best way to 5 ___ fit.You might ask if I am a fast runner. I don’t know – I 6 ___ any races yet. But does it really matter? 0 a never b ever c just 1 a think b have thought c ’m thinking 2 a stand b see c find 3 a play b do c go 4 a have started b started c start 5 a make b get c do 6 a didn’t win b don’t win c haven’t won /4 /7 /3 Name: ....................................................................................................................................................... wear ✓ I can’t see the point of collecting stamps. This is the street where my little brother got lost. Has Sandra ever been to San Francisco? state M02_RL-TES_PINGLB_7204.indd 32 3/6/10 09:49:06 33 languageandskillstest1bUnits1&2 © Pearson Education Limited 2010 PHOTOCOPIABLE Reading 7 Read the text about the Sports Personality of the Year Awards. Tick (✔) true and cross (✗) false or write ? (no information). 1 You don’t have to be good at sports to win the Sport Personality of the Year Award. 2 Ordinary British people like many different sports stars. 3 Ryan Giggs won the award with almost a third of the votes. 4 Jenson Button got almost as many votes as Jessica Ennis. 5 Giggs has scored 150 goals for Manchester United. 6 Giggs has never won the Player of the Year. 7 Tom Daley won an award this year. 8 Eddie Izzard stars in a sports programme on TV. Sports Personality of the Year Awards The Sports Personality of the Year is a British award that is given every year. It’s an unusual sports award because it is not just about being good at sport. Of course, it’s important to win competitions, but to win this award stars need to do more than that – they need to contribute to sport and be popular with the public. For this award, ordinary British people vote for their favourite sports stars. This year, over half a million people voted and footballer Ryan Giggs won the award with almost 30% of the votes. Racing c...

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