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SKILLS WORK – ENGLISH FOR NEGOTIATING (BASED ON U.5, U.8 video films - THE BUSINESS) 1. Look at the scripts below and complete the gaps. 2. Look at the scripts again and underline/highlight all the expressions for negotiations. Which functions do they perform? Think about your native language equivalents. A. JEFF AND KATE Jeff: Hello, Jeff here. Kate: Hi Jeff. It's Kate. I'm calling to ___ you a ______ Kate: Well, I wondered what you’d think about swapping offices with me. Mine has a much nicer view, but there's not enough room for all my stuff, especially now I’ve got all the new activity holidays to promote. Jeff: Well, they were your idea! A good one, though. Well, I'd like to help, Kate, but, swapping offices would take a lot of time - I'm pretty busy at the moment. What I'd advise is, if you need more space, talk to James. Kate: He's in Spain all week. Look, Jeff, would you mind if I _____ over to talk about it? It's a bit difficult on the phone. Kate: Wow, there’s so much more room in here, it’d fit all my extra stuff. And you really don’t need it, everything you _______ is on the computer. Ah, now, how about this. IT have just given me a new, _____________ laptop, but I don’t use it much, I prefer my ________. How about if I got them to allocate it to you? If you had my laptop, would you think about swapping offices with me? Jeff: Well, it's true that my PC is a little slow. But it's not really a problem. And while I agree that I probably don't need as much space as you, I do like this office; it’s very convenient for the coffee machine! Kate: I see. Look, we're not making much progress; why don't we get a cup of coffee? Kate: I know I’m asking a lot Jeff, but everybody says how nice you are. If you could help me out, I'd really appreciate it. Look; what if I gave you my parking space too? Jeff: Your parking space? But I haven’t even got a car! I use a ______ car when I need one. Kate: I know. But Janis said you were thinking of buying one. Jeff: Yes, but… Kate: Well, I was thinking of selling mine, actually. Now, if you were prepared to swap offices with me, I could probably give you a much better deal on the car than you’d get at a ______. Anyway, I've got a meeting now. Shall we talk again after work? Say, six o'clock, in the bar? Jeff: Give me your car keys later, I’ll take a look at it. Kate: OK then Jeff, I think we’re getting somewhere. If you agree to swap offices, I'll let you have the car for £5000. Jeff: No I’m sorry Kate. I couldn’t agree, unless you went down to £4500. Kate: Oh come on Jeff, that’s robbery and you know it. Listen, I’ll get my new laptop assigned to you; I’ll give you my parking space, and on the car, let’s split the difference. Say, £4750? Is that a fair compromise? Jeff: £4750? Sounds good to me. Kate: Great! It's a deal. Provided you buy me another drink! Jeff: Kate, now that we’ve done the deal, there’s one thing that’s _________ me; were you really so desperate to get a bigger office that you had to sell your car? Kate: Oh, I was desperate, alright. But not to get your office. I’ve just bought a motorbike. Jeff: A motorbike? Kate: Yes. A brand new Harley Sportster actually. I was desperate to sell the car! B. JEFF, KATE and LUIGI Jeff: Any news of Luigi? Kate: Afraid not. I phoned his hotel - they said he left an hour ago. Jeff: That man is impossible! How are you supposed to do business with someone who doesn't understand the word "late"? Time’s money! Kate: It’s probably just a _______ - his idea of negotiating tactics. Jeff: Well, if it is, we can match his tactics. Remember what we agreed? Kate: Good cop, bad cop? Jeff: Right. Kate: Luigi! How are you? Luigi: Ciao bella! Such a pleasure to see you again! Jeff: Hello Luigi. Good to see you - at last. Luigi: And how are you, Jeff? In a hurry as usual, I see! You should spend more time in Italy and learn to relax! Jeff: Yes, well, we have quite a busy schedule, so, shall we? Luigi: Kate, I hear you were in Rome last month - you really should have called me, we could have had dinner. Jeff: So that’s our position in a ____________. Unless you can improve the package our clients get - more activities, better meals, and so on - we'll have to look for a bigger discount – or go elsewhere. Luigi: Now, have I got this right? Are you saying you'll go to my competitors? After all we’ve done for you? Kate: I'm afraid there seems to be a slight misunderstanding, Luigi. What Jeff was trying to say is that at current price levels, we're just not competitive - so we need to find a way either to bring the price down, or to improve the package we're offering. Luigi: I'm sorry, Kate, we can’t do anything – your payment _______ are impossible. Until Jeff starts paying us more quickly, we have no cash available to improve services. We can sit here all day and all night, it's not a problem for me, but I simply cannot ______ on price. Kate: Why don't I get some coffee? Jeff: There’s another thing, many British customers want beer with...


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