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Middle stone (33-37-64-5) Dark earth (52-51-71-27) Azure blue (36-23-9-0) (Note: This version is the closest in colours to Nobi’s original free download.) THE MODEL represents the Spitfire IXc of Stanislaw Skalski, commander of the Polish Fighting Team, more often referred to as "Skalski's Circus", in the North African campaign of World War II, during Spring 1943. The model's colour scheme is the one most commonly believed to have been used by the unit, namely the Mediterranean Desert one, of Dark Earth, Middle Stone, and Azure Blue (underside). In a companion version of this model, another scheme is represented, namely the pre-1941 standard British camouflage of Dark Green, Dark Earth and Sky (underside). According to recent research, this may in fact have been used on Skalski’s Spitfire. A third version (Spitfire IX, ”FY-F”) represents the standard British camouflage from 1942 of Dark Green, Dark Sea Grey, and Medium Sea Grey (underside). Insignia & aircraft no. correctly positioned according to painting & photos. Polish Aero Club. Stanislaw Skalski died in 2004, at the age of 88. The unit was sent to North Africa at the insistence of the Free Polish HQ, which wanted to train a cadre of experienced pilots in harsh conditions, and it soon gained a reputation for effectiveness and style. It was disbanded in May 1943 after the German surrender in Africa. The unit claimed 25 destroyed, 3 probables, and 9 damaged. No member of the unit was killed; only one was ever shot down, surviving as a German prisoner. After the war, Stanislaw Skalski was falsely accused of espionage by the 1948 regime in Poland and served eight years in prison. Subsequently rehabilitated, he was promoted to Brigadier General in the Polish Air Force and later served as secretary general of the Swatches show colours & CMYK-codes derived from IPMS Stockholm, matched to photos and shown here over painting. (Image courtesy: Robert Grudzien in Polish magazine Lotnictwo 7/2007.) Colours of model further lightened ca 10 percent to compensate for small scale.Letter blue (80-65-30-15) Polish red (25-80-98-25) Stanislaw Skalski during the war (not in a Spitfire, though). Original 1:48 model by Nobi Redesigned parts by Leif Ohlsson, Kartonbau.de Trainer yellow (13-25-89-0) Dull blue (83-78-33-37) Dull red (36-71-67-29) Ident. white (7-0-9-0)Structural grey (26-17-23-0) Cockpit green (43-21-60-9) If you want to build the model with conventional joining strips, instead of full inside parts, use the strips from Nobi’s original free download, at: http://thaipaperwork.hobby-site.com/ True scale dihedral should be 13 mm at each wingtip (slightly larger than what 3-view shows). True chin line (try shaping nose parts) Pitot tube 13f left wing only Fill out top position light with white glue. Fill out tail nav light with white glue. Exhaust stubs: For scale effect, use fold-up part 30; for simplicity, use laminated part 30*. Antenna mast (no wire to tail fin). Similar hatch on right hand side further aft & lower down. Alternative to parts 36: Make cannons & blinded cannon stubs (not included in kit) from sections of tooth picks or similar. Paint top & bottom like wings. Original 1:48 model by Nobi Redesigned parts by Leif Ohlsson, Kartonbau.de (Internal parts on next page.) Glue long strands of antenna wire material into tips of horizontal stab fixed section when assembling stab parts. Run threads through holes in fuselage from each side with needle. Wires slacked, tie a loose knot outside fuselage on one side; apply glue & pull knot back into fuselage; tighten knot & wires by tying loose ends beneath fuselage until dry; then cut off. 7d Fill out nav lights right & left wing with small drops of white glue mixed with green & red. Fill out nav lights right & left wing with small drops of white glue mixed with green & red. (Note: In the original download from Thai Paperwok, the right and left wing parts are almost consistently reversed. This has been corrected in the present reworked versions.) The main source for reworking Nobi’s original model, particularly the FY-F version, has been an authoritative drawing by D. H. Cooksey in Aeromodeller, Christmas 1960. Although much detail could still be added, the reworking includes a full cockpit interior, and full inside skin (only cockpit section coloured, though). The antenna mast and exhaust stubs are redrawn, and the pitot tube added. Hatches that only appeared on one wing or one side of the fuselage, or had different positions, have been adjusted. All nav lights, including bottom amber light, now represented. Doped patch Doped patches over unfired guns These hatches only appeared on one of the wing undersides (all other, top & bottom, on both wings symmetrically). 7f Original 1:48 model by Nobi Redesigned parts by Leif Ohlsson, Kartonbau.de 13d* 13e*13b* 13c* 1h 1d* 1e* 1f 1g 1b*1c*1a*2* 3* 6* 7c* 7a* 7b* 8a* 9a*7d 7e* 9b 13eR* 13d* 13eL* 13c* 13b* 13aL* 13a* 14a* 32*33* 15a* 13a* 13a* 13a* 14a* 15a* 7a 13aL* ...


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