Week 40

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WEEK FORTY Hello and welcome to Week 40 of The Jim Rohn One-Year Success Plan. We hope you're having a great week and are ready for this week's edition. This month Jim and Chris tackle the topic of Leadership. Although there are many definitions and facets to leadership, one of the most practical and clear realities of leadership is that it is all about the ability to influence. And since everything we do and say has the potential to influence others, we all are in the position of leadership. For example, even if you feel you are the "low man on the totem pole" in your office (or job), you still have the opportunity to influence others--by your attitude, your example, your work ethic, your decisions, your philosophy, by everything you do. This would also apply to our children at school. And for those in a literal position of leadership, you are the rudder of the ship--as you go, so goes the ship. Because leadership is obviously a very important part of our daily lives and relationships, we should be telling our kids "you are a leader," telling our staff members "you are a leader" and telling ourselves "I'm a leader." And soon the very truth of this powerful statement will grow more each day as we internalize it and allow it to influence us and those around us. Make it a great week!! Kyle “Leadership is a matter of having people look at you and gain confidence, seeing how you react. If you're in control, they're in control.” -- Tom Landry Copyright Jim Rohn International 2002-2004 596 Copyright Jim Rohn International 2002-2004 597 LLLEEEAAADDDEEERRRSSSHHHIIIPPP Jim Rohn's Tenth Pillar of Success: Leadership, Part One - The Foundational Principles of Leadership and Developing a Powerful Vision Hi, Jim Rohn here. I love to talk about leadership because when we talk about personal development we are looking internally at what we do for ourselves, but when we talk about leadership we are transferring those concepts outward so that we begin to affect others around us and improve their lives as well. One brief note before we begin. Many times people mistakenly define leaders as those who hold high profile positions such as the President of the United States or the leader of a large social movement. But leadership is so much more than that. Anyone who has a role in shaping the lives of others needs to develop leadership skills, whether it is a parent or a small business owner, or the CEO of a large multi-national corporation. And, surprisingly, most leadership principles are highly transferable between a broad cross- section of leadership situations. So, plant this thought in your mind: You are a leader and you can grow in your leadership position, so that you can effectively lead the group around you, no matter what size it is! This is what we are covering on the topic of Leadership this month: 1. The Foundational Principles of Leadership and Developing a Powerful Vision. In today's lesson, we will cover the basic foundational elements that are central to becoming a person with tremendous leadership skills and abilities. We will also discuss secrets to having a powerful and compelling vision that helps you attract others. 2. Character: The Core of Leadership and Leadership Mistakes to Avoid. Next week we will be looking at what I believe to be the core element of what it means to be a leader--the issue of character. We will look at what it means to be a person of character who can lead others forward, and how character is essential in successfully leading others. We will also look at some typical leadership mistakes people make that hinder their ability to lead and move their organizations forward, and how you can avoid making those same mistakes. 3. Skills Needed for Effective Leadership and Developing Other Leaders in Your Organization. In two weeks we will turn our eye away from the character traits of leaders and look more at the basic skills that effective leaders demonstrate. We will also be looking at some strategic ways to develop other leaders around you so you ensure a new generation of leaders. 4. Becoming the Best Leader You Can Be - Taking Care of Yourself as the Leader and Motivating Those Who Follow You - In Good Times and Tough Times. In the Copyright Jim Rohn International 2002-2004 598 last week of this month we will be taking a closer look at making sure that you take care of yourself. In this day and age it is even more important for the leader to be closely guarding their own growth and development. We will also look at how to motivate others to follow you. The Foundational Principles of Leadership and Developing a Powerful Vision Let’s look at some foundational principles of leadership: Leadership is the challenge of being above average. If you want to be a leader, you cannot be part of the average. You must not be ordinary, but extraordinary. “Getting by” is not an option, but excelling is a mandate. If you truly desire to become a leader of others, you must first decide for yourse...


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